Travel Outfit

Hello! Long time, no talk!

I thought I’d do a quick post today about my favourite travel outfit. Over the past 2 years, I found myself travelling more than I ever imagined possible for a hotel reservationist. Funny the things we do for love!

The following outfit is my tried and true travel outfit no matter where I’m going or the time of year. It’s comfortable, put together and relatively stylish.

Travel Outfit

  1. Witchery Tee. These are my favourite basic tees. They wash and wear well and don’t twist!
  2. Cardigan. I love a slightly oversize cardigan when travelling- less constraining! The one shown is a Witchery Boyfriend Cardigan in wool blend- the perfect piece for cooler climates!
  3. Scarf. A nice warm scarf that can double as a lap blanket on a plane but not bulky are my go-to. Pictured is my Country Road square wool scarf from last year. I love this one though!
  4. Flat Shoes. Ballet flats or these loafers (shown) are what I go for- closed toe yet still easy to kick off when needed.
  5. Country Road Jeggings. I have these jeggings in several colours. They’re thick like jeans but stretchy like leggings. Perfect for travel days.
  6. Tote. Nothing too big but roomy enough for all the essentials. Mine fits my Macbook (for studying on the go), wallet, iphone plus everything featured in this post!

That’s it! I like to keep things simple (the above outfit is a go-to for me most days) and especially so when travelling. I often find myself headed to the airport very early in the morning or straight from work so having a go-to outfit keeps things stress-free!

xx Lauren- navy

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