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I thought I’d do a quick round-up of all the things I use to stay organised whilst travelling. I dislike not being able to easily find anything and hate having small items scattered all through my luggage.

First a quick note about my luggage. What type I take depends on where I’m going and what sort of trip I’m taking.


  1.  Mont Astro Backpack. I have the older model in a 60ltr with the Womens size harness (bought in 2008). It’s a little different to the one shown but the concept is the same. It’s brilliant as it opens right up and nothing gets lost at the bottom. I do think it’s a little large (I’ve learnt to travel with less since this purchase) so if anyone has any recommendations to a similar but smaller pack, please let me know!
  2. Antler Oxygen Suitcase.  I have this suitcase in the Cabin size and the Medium Size. These cases are super lightweight- the cabin size comes in at 1.8kg which is a godsend when trying to take carry-on only on Australian domestic flights (7kg limit!) and 4 spinner wheels make them perfect for manoeuvring airports.
  3. NOT SHOWN, my black overnighter. I use this on car trips and occasionally to fly with. While my exact bag is no longer available, this one from Wanderers Travel Co. is what I’d buy if I needed a new one today!

On to Organisation!

I have a few things I use to keep all my small items and important things together in my luggage!

Travel Organisation

  1. Kikki K travel document wallet. This keeps my passport, currencies, tickets and important documents together and easily accessible. There’s a pocket on the back to keep your boarding pass handy when travelling through airports too.
  2. Packing Cubes. The one’s shown are from Kmart but most travel shops carry these. These are great for keeping like items together and found easily.
  3. Kikki K luggage tag. This one can be monogrammed so your luggage is easily identifiable.
  4. Kikki K pouch. I use this to keep all my chargers and cords to together.
  5. The Daily Edited Jewellery Case. I’ve lost count of how many earrings I’ve lost and necklaces that have been tangled when travelling. This little box prevents all that!
  6. Leather Cord Wraps. These inexpensive little items stop all the cords of modern day life from turning into one solid mess in the pouch

All of the above comes with me regardless of what luggage I chose to take.

Toiletries are a little different. How I pack them depends on the length of the trip and if I am checking a bag or not. When travelling domestically, there’s no limits on the amount of liquids you can take on board and aren’t required to be in a clear case. Those rules only apply to flights leaving the country.


  1. Silicone travel bottles. In an effort to cut back on plastic waste (plus being picky about shampoo), I bought these little beauties from Kmart. At $5 for two they’re great value and have a wide neck making decanting liquids into them a breeze. These are international carry-on compliant and have come on every trip since I purchased them.
  2. Clear travel cubes. Since having a bottle of shampoo explode in my bag, plus make-up leak everywhere en-route to a wedding in Denmark,  I learnt two lessons. One: don’t bother spending a fortune on toiletries kits, and two: do get something that will contain any leaks. These tick both those boxes. The big one is international carry-on compliant and the smaller ones can be used to keep powders and dry stuff together.
  3. Toiletry Kit. I purchased this after I finally killed my old kit. It’s less than $15 on eBay, has a hook so it can be hung on towel rails in small spaces and has a couple of compartments to divide up all my toiletries so they are easily found when needed. This came on every trip last year.

With toiletries, I keep all the sample size and the small ‘gift with purchase’ items from stores in a box in my bathroom cupboard. I raid this when packing my bags so I don’t have to use products that may inflame my sensitive skin. The exception of course being shampoo and conditioner which I decant into the bottle shown above.

That’s it! At first glance it seems like a lot of extra things to pack when packing lightly, organisation is key to staying on track. If I can find everything I need easily, I’m less likely to double up on things (or worse- have a panic attack over nothing). The pouch and cord wraps are often found in my handbag on work or study days and are always ready to go.

Feel free to ask questions or if you have any recommendations please let me know!

xx Lauren- navy


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