Ten rules I follow when packing for any trip


I though I’d share the ten rules I follow when packing for any trip. It doesn’t matter which bag I’m taking or where I’m going. As long as I follow this, packing doesn’t seem so stressful!

Ten Rules

  1. Write out a packing list. I start by listing the location, listing activities and finding out the weather. Then I decide what sort of clothes to bring and work out outfits. I try to stick to a colour theme and make my clothes mix & match for the most combinations. This also helps ensure nothing important gets left behind.
  2. Phone charger goes into my tote bag. The tote bag always goes under the seat in front of me on planes or at my feet in a car. Having the charger in easy reach is a godsend when you get to the hotel and need to charge your phone or decide to take advantage of the USB port on a plane. Doubly so when you’re at an airport and your flight gets delayed- most airports have a place to charge your tech. I always put all my chargers in this pouch which is more often than not found in my handbag.
  3. Leave the hairdryer at home. I’m yet to stay somewhere where there wasn’t a hairdryer. I’d rather have the space for souvenirs!
  4. There are three things that you should never, ever pack into your checked luggage: Medications, Travel Documents and Jewellery. I always keep these in my travel tote.
  5. Always have a couple of snacks handy. It’s frustrating getting to an airport and not being able to find something decent to snack on. I always keep a couple of protein bars like this handy.
  6. Never take new shoes travelling. In a word, blisters. No one wants to walk around a new city in uncomfortable shoes so make sure that whatever you take are comfy!
  7. Ziplock bag your liquids. I had a bottle of shampoo leak all through my backpack in Germany. I’ve also had foundation leak en-route to a wedding in Denmark. I thought it’d be fine in the toiletry bag but it leaked through it. Now I keep all liquids in a ziplock bag in the toiletry bag.
  8. Pack socks inside your shoes. This stops the shoes from being crushed and losing shape and fills up the gaps.
  9. Always have a basic sewing kit. I’ve found them harder to find in hotel rooms so now I grab them whenever I can. You never know when you may have to stitch a button back on. I once made money as a backpacker this way!
  10. Always pack your swimmers. I’ve only regretted not having swimmers once. I made sure to pack them for every trip since. They don’t take up much space and you never know when you made need them!

Bonus: I never pack anything just in case. Even in the Egyptian desert I’ve found a shop with what I need!


xx Lauren- navy


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