101 in 1001

When these lists started popping up all over, I was inspired. I love writing up to-do lists and that sense of accomplishment you get when you tick off everything. So this is my list of 101 things to achieve in 1001 days!

Starting date: December 1, 2015. To be completed by August 28, 2018.

Personal (9/26)

  1. Read 30 new books
  2. Host a girls night in
  3. get a Canon DSLR camera
  4. invest in a new Macbook
  5. read for 30 minutes everynight before bed
  6. go to three concerts
  7. cut my hair to a lob
  8. donate blood
  9. buy a quality leather handbag
  10. make my bed every morning for a month
  11. watch a movie outdoors
  12. host a Christmas party
  13. have a water fight with nephews and nieces
  14. join a bookclub
  15. go to Melbourne Zoo
  16. hang my hammock and use it
  17. watch 5 new documentaries
  18. disconnect from technology for a weekend
  19. read 5 classics
  20. have a picnic
  21. ride my bicycle everyday for a month
  22. attend an Anzac day dawn service
  23. brush up on my Danish
  24. go for a 40 minute walk everyday for a month
  25. start and stick to a skin care regime
  26. see the sunrise everyday for a week

Family (3/6)

  1. take my nephew to the movies
  2. take my niece to the ballet
  3. shout my Dad dinner
  4. bake a birthday cake for a family member
  5. see my Dad in a motorcycle race
  6. shout my sister to a day at the hot springs

Financial (3/8)

  1. No café coffees for a month
  2. get debt free
  3. put aside $10 for every item I tick off this list
  4. donate to a worthy charity
  5. transfer money to my savings account every pay
  6. put all my loose change in a jar at the end of every week
  7. buy a new car
  8. go a month without buying any clothes/ shoes/ jewellery

DIY (3/10)

  1. redo my headboard
  2. make a quilt
  3. make my own candles
  4. paint the kitchen cabinets
  5. create a gallery wall of art/ photos
  6. re-vanish the dining table
  7. sew new cushion covers for my sofa
  8. reupholster and sell a chair
  9. finish painting my house
  10. restore my antique chest of drawers

Health & Fitness (0/8)

  1. complete the couch to 5km app
  2. go sugar-free for a month
  3. go to the gym three times a week for 3 months
  4. complete the 30 day plank challenge
  5. take 10,000 steps a day for a month
  6. get my teeth fixed
  7. try a spin class
  8. regularly attend yoga- once a week for 3 months

Food & Drink (6/10)

  1. use my breadmaker once a month for a year
  2. visit a winery for a meal
  3. drink only water for a month (no soda/juices)
  4. no junk food for three months
  5. go meat free for a month
  6. master making hommus dip
  7. dine at 10 new restaurants/ cafés
  8. visit a brewery
  9. make my own sorbet
  10. start my own recipe book

Travel & Adventure (3/22)

  1. visit friends in Norway
  2. visit Sydney
  3. go on a train trip
  4. go to Uluru
  5. see the Aurora Borealis
  6. holiday in Thailand
  7. visit Tasmania
  8. try treesurfing
  9. go to a tropical island
  10. have a staycation close to home
  11. visit three new countries
  12. visit the state gallery of Victoria
  13. safari in South Africa
  14. have a girls weekend away
  15. hike to the top of Mount Kosciusko
  16. make photo books of my trips (have done one for Peru)
  17. go on a wine tasting tour
  18. have a spa day
  19. go zorbing
  20. see New Zealand
  21. bungee jump
  22. go ice-skating

Professional (5/11)

  1. Complete level 2 First Aid
  2. publish 100 blog posts
  3. update blog once a week
  4. redesign the blog (had to when it was deleted)
  5. do a photography workshop
  6. update my resumé
  7. attend a networking event
  8. attend a wine tasting class
  9. get a payrise
  10. get a promotion
  11. sign up for online business classes  Bachelor of Business with Swinburne University online!

32/101 complete!

in progress  completed

** Update: I’m a little disappointed that I only completed 32 of the things on this list but life got in the way and my priorities changed (for the better I feel!). I’m currently in the process of writing up a new 101 in 1001 and will post it as soon as I’m happy with it.

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