Updating Furniture

Reupholstering and painting furniture is one of the easiest ways of getting unique furniture without the hefty price tag. I can honestly say that I have bought only three pieces of furniture new for my little house. Everything else I have inherited, ‘borrowed’ from my Dad or Nan, given to me by friends, or bought from secondhand stores, garage sales, and opp shops. I even found a table on the side of the road! What I have ended up is a house full of unique pieces that reflect my personality and tastes. As my tastes and styles evolve and change, so does my house but I always follow one rule- keep it feeling hyggelig, a danish term for that warm, cosy, comfortable feeling you get.

I have at times ended up with more furniture than I need and when that happens, I have sold and given pieces to my friends!

I thought I’d share three of my favourite pieces of furniture and the stories behind them.

Bedside table

beside table

This is a little table that my friend gave to me. It came from a store room at her work and was going to be dumped at landfill. We then got our hands on a second one!

Choosing colours was the hardest part but I decided with a bold colour from British Paints “Grand Turquoise”. I gave it one coat of primer, 2 coats of paint then gave it 2 coats of clear vanish to give a nice gloss and a durable surface.

I love the end result. It’s a beautiful pop of colour in my otherwise very calm, pale bedroom!

Dining Table

dining table

This is the table I found on the side of the road. I had my neighbour help me get it home and once there, I had no idea what to do with it. I eventually got around to sanding it, stopped to buy a cordless sander, got it back to bare wood and then left it for another week. My flatmate suggested that I should paint just the legs so, I used the leftover “grand turquoise” paint from my bedside tables and gave the legs a rough coat of paint before sealing the whole table in 2 coats of clear vanish. You can see wood tones coming through the paint on the legs which adds character. Once done, I still had no idea what to do with the table as a) I already had a dining table and b) it was too big for my house. My flatmate then announced she was moving out and since she had very little furniture, I gave it to her as a house warming gift!

Bekväm Ikea stool. 

I don’t count this as furniture but as it lives out in my kitchen and I use it everyday (I’m five foot tall), I’m including it here. We all know how the Ikea Bekväm stepstool look new and you see them all over home design blogs but this is on of the best things I’ve bought. To personalise mine, I painted the legs orange (British Paint’s “Worldly”). I also gave this a couple coats of vanish for easy cleaning.


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