Nymindegab, Denmark

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a part of Denmark I hadn’t previously seen when I was invited to my friend’s wedding in Nymindegab, on the South-Western coast of Jutland.

Danish Summer houses in Nymindegab, Jutland.
Danish Summer houses in Nymindegab, Jutland.

Nymindegab is a small, former fishing village to the north of Esbjerg and is a popular town to rent a summer house and spend some time relaxing at the beach or taking advantage of the bicycle and walking trails nearby.

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Just outside of Nymindegab, you can see the remnants of wartime with concrete bunkers scattered all through the sand dunes and right on the beach.


Bunkers on the beach at Nymindegab

I absolutely loved spending time in this quaint village, plus I got the chance to practise my Danish with the locals! I spent a very rainy Sunday at the local Museum and enjoyed the displays on the history of the area from the Stone age to the Vikings and right up to the present. The museum is easily recognisable in the village as out front you can see a giant whale skeleton and an old wooden windmill.

On nice days, I hired a bicycle and rode up the road to Hvide Sande and spent most the rest of my few days there wandering up and down the beach, following the paths in the sand dunes and through the forest on the edge of the village. Some of the scenery reminded me of home- especially the grasses in the dunes.

It was a relaxing time although for me getting there was quite the mission! It took a two hour drive, two flights, a metro, a four hour train followed by a smaller train and finally a local bus to get from home on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia to Nymindegab, Denmark. The local bus driver was most perturbed by the Danish speaking Australian girl getting on a bus primarily used by local school kids and was concerned he was dropping me off in the wrong place!

Isn’t this the most adorable little cottage by a lake?!

All up I had only 6 days in Denmark (two of those were spent mostly getting to/from Nymindegab & Copenhagen Airport). I’d love to go back here and spend some more time exploring this region of Denmark!

For more information on Nymindegab and region, see here.

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