Peru! Lake Titicaca and Lima

I couldn’t go to Peru without seeing Lake Titicaca and the famous floating reed islands. This is the highest navigable lake in the world and I spent way too long on boats on it. I get seasick so this expedition took a lot anti-nausea tablets!

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

When I booked the tour of the Lake, I was under the impression that we’d be on a new, comfortable, fast boat. That was far from being the case. The boat we were on was old, smelled of diesel, only 5 people were allowed on the roof deck at a time in case it collapsed. Definitely not up to code!

The floating reed islands
The floating reed islands

It’s amazing that these reed islands don’t float all over the lake! The locals have mastered not only layering up the reeds to hold large amounts of weight but also the art of anchoring them to the lakebed.

After exploring the islands and enjoying a ride on a reed boat, it was time to head to Isla AmatanĂ­ for lunch and to meet up with our hosts for our Island home stay. Myself and my friend paired up with an English couple and were hosted in a quaint blue house by __ and her gorgeous 8 year old daughter.


Amantini Island
Isla AmantanĂ­- views from our home stay.

When we arrived, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. After lunch, we started to walk to the top of the Island and a storm started rolling in. We got to the top, took some pictures, and made it back to the house just as the heavy hail began.

Top of Isla AmantanĂ­

The next day, there was still hail on the ground but the sun was up and it was another beautiful day. We got back on the rickety boat and headed for Isla Taquile.

We had lunch on Isla Taquile at an outdoor restaurant with gorgeous views before heading back to Puno and the end of the tour.

Isla Taquile
Isla Taquile

After Lake Titicaca, it was time to head back to Cusco before flying to Lima and from there, home.

Lima- found Paddington Bear!

We had a full day in Lima and spent most of it walking along the cliff top paths and laying in the parks of Miraflores. We spent the better part of the afternoon watching the paragliders taking off and land, drinking fresh squeezed pineapple juice, and relaxing.

Lima- the Christmas decorations at the shopping centre were amazing.

Although this was a whirlwind tour, I loved every moment. There is so much still that I haven’t seen but that just means I get to plan a trip back!


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