Carry on Ready…

There are some things that I like to have close by when I’m travelling, be that by plane, train, car, boat or bus. They keep me amused, happy, comfortable, and organised. Carry on ready

  1. Kobo Glo e-reader. The first e-reader I bought, I accidentally left on a Qatar Airways flight from Copenhagen to Doha (I was most upset that I couldn’t finish my book on the Doha-Melbourne leg). My sister gave me a voucher to get a new one and I gotta say, I love the Glo. It has a back light that’s easy on the eyes and allows you to read in the dark (plus the battery life is excellent).
  2. Urbanears ‘Platten’ Headphones. I love these, they’re comfortable, colourful, fold up and the sound is great. I also have an airline headphone adaptor (eBay, under $3) so don’t need to use the crappy airline headphones.
  3. Travel Pillow. This was a great purchase! It converts from a U-shape to a rectangle and has a clip to hook on to bags.
  4. Hand Cream. I know I’m not the only person whose skin dries out on planes. This stuff lives next to me at home and it’s no different when I’m travelling. This Sukin one is my favourite- I have it in my bag, car, at work, and on my bedside table! (I use several other products of their’s too.)
  5. Kikki.k travel document wallet. I hate not knowing where my tickets are and this keeps everything together in one stylish leather wallet.
  6. Snacks. Buying snacks on budget airlines can be expensive and there’s no guarantee that they’ll have something you’ll like. Stock up at the supermarket before you head to the airport!

Not shown:

  1. Change of clothes. If it’s a long haul flight, I like to have a change of clothes in my carry-on. Flying between Europe and Australia, there’s always at least one stop en-route and it feels much better to board that second (or third) flight in fresh clothes (or fresh undies at least!).
  2. Wet Wipes. Great for a refresh or cleaning sticky fingers.
  3. Hand Sanitiser. This is always in my handbag and my carry-on. Nothing worse than picking up a bug on the road.

Anything I’ve missed? Email me or comment and let me know!

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