Always packed…

There are certain things that I always pack when I travel to foreign places. They help to keep me organised, comfortable, and ready for anything.

Always Packed

  1. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. I have had these since my first trip over ten years ago and they are still going strong! I have a couple, including a double-sided one, to keep tops and undies organised and separated from the dirty things.
  2. Bobino Cord wrap. My godmother bought me one of these a few years ago and I loved it! I now have them in a couple of sizes to keep cords neat and tangle free.
  3. Notebook. I don’t take a travel journal with me these days but I always have a notebook handy. I write places to visit, things to see, recipes, and anything else that comes to mind when on the road. Don’t forget to bring pens too!
  4. Travel Towel. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says “you’ve got to know where your towel is” and I think it’s spot on advice! It’s great to take swimming, use in hostels, and wiping of the sweat after a long day!
  5. Eagle Creek Wallaby Toiletries kit. This one is great. The hook is perfect for hanging on rails and out of the wet and there is plenty of space inside for everything a girl could need whilst on the move.
  6. Fleece jumper. I never leave home without a comfy fleece. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you always need to keep warm at some point!
  7. Rain Jacket. I was caught out in the rain without a jacket once (thanks Scottish weather) and will never let that happen again.
  8. Dry Sac. I bought a dry sac from Kathmandu after I spent 2 hours walking in the sleet in Switzerland and destroyed my passport with water (never easy to get a new passport when abroad!).

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